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How to Get Rid of Water Stains from The Fabric Couch?

24 September, 2021   |  

Are you suffering from a soaked fabric couch and want to remove the water stains as soon as possible? Don't worry! We have your back. Although removing stains of water, nail polish, juice, and milk can be a daunting task; if you remove it via the correct method, you can get your cozy sofa back again. Before you start your cleaning procedure, start with the below-mentioned steps. Scroll Now! 

How to Remove Water Stains from a Fabric Sofa

Read the Tag Instructions

Before you start using any detergent or cleaning ingredient, read out the tag instructions. Usually, different fabric couches are made from different materials and fabrics. It's important to determine the type of material used in manufacturing. You can find the fabric tag either under the couch or under the cushioning. Thoroughly check the cleaning instructions and start your procedure accordingly. Reading instructions beforehand will help to ensure that you get the same undamaged couch after cleaning. 

Clean the Dirt With a Vacuum Cleaner or a Soft Cloth

Now the next step is to clean your fabric couch thoroughly. Wipe off the dust and debris from your fabric couch with the help of a vacuum cleaner. You can use a soft clean cloth, or a cloth dipped in vinegar to get adequate results. Cleaning before applying detergent will assure you that you will remove the stains effectively. 

Remove the Pillows & Wash the Area

To clean your fabric sofa, start with a milder solution. Don't complicate things by choosing a harsh chemical. Mix the mild solution with water and dab it into the stained area. You can try vinegar solution but make sure it's not so heavy that it gives off a foul smell. Spray the mixture on your sofa using a cloth or sponge and scrub it. Once you see an improvement in the stains, the next step is to clear out the water and clean the area. Use either a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer to dry the area. 

Use a Steam Cleaner

If you are tired of adopting different methods, switch to a steam cleaner. Specially designed fabric steamers are effective in clearing water stains from your fabric couch. Apart from efficient cleaning, a steam cleaner generates steam that kills harmful moulds and bacteria. So if you have a steam cleaner at your home, cleaning your stained sofa is not difficult. 

Some don'ts while you clean your fabric couch. 

Here are a few points that you should pay attention to while cleaning your fabric couch. These include :

  1. Don't use excessive water to remove the stains
  2. Thoroughly read out the instructions and don't try harsh chemicals on your sofa 
  3. The use of harsh bleaching chemicals can lead to negative consequences 
  4. Don't dry your sofa in direct sunlight as it can lead to cracks or tear


Keeping these few things in mind, you can easily remove stains from your fabric couch. If everything else fails, you can try getting help from professionals. They have special equipment that can remove harsh stains from your sofa instantly. Good luck, and start to remove the stains now. Feel free to call a professional if you have an expensive fabric couch to avoid damage.