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Mildew, floods, fires, pets, cigarettes, cooking smells and drinks are among many things that can lead to odour absorption by a carpet, rug and sometimes even hard surfaces like walls and ceilings. For fires, without the proper removal of smoke residue and soot, their presence will be indicated by an odour. It is vital that this residue be removed before finishings are applied. Our beloved pets may urinate or roll on carpets while they’re dirty and wet, leaving a distinctive and potent odour behind. Spilling food and drinks or cooking with spices can cause the exact same issue – an unpleasant smell that you just can’t seem to get rid of. After a while you become accustomed to it, but your visitors will definitely notice it.

At Famous Cleaning, we take great pride in our ability to successfully treat and professionally remove odours left behind by any event. We are able to achieve this through a combination of state of the art equipment that treats odours at a molecular level coupled with a fantastic array of cleaning products specifically designed with odour counteracting properties.

Odour Removal Specialists – Famous Cleaning can remove all types of pungent odours:

  • Urine Odours – Urine odours cannot simply be steam cleaned away, in fact basic carpet cleaning can create more odour. Urine is very difficult to remove as it permeates through many levels of flooring and requires IICRC qualified technicians. We have successfully removed hundreds of problematic urine infestations and can improve or remove your odours 100%.
  • Pet Oil Odours – You have a pet that lives inside and sleeps on the carpet. You regularly wash your beloved best friend but it’s rubbed off on the carpet and rugs.
  • Food Odours – Tenant just vacated a property and has been cooking curry for the last 12 months. Power went out, fridge turned off and you now have that horrific smell of rotten meat or a garbage bag leaked on the carpets whilst taking it outside. Don’t fear we have the solutions to your problems.
  • Smoke Odours – From the heaviest of cigarette smokers, a burnt pot on the stove or to the more severe situation of a fire in your property, we can successfully remove the unpleasant odour. Left untreated the off gassing and bacteria’s left from smoke can cause adverse health effects.
  • Bacterial odours – Flood damage previously occurred in your property and now it smells like mildew and mould. Carpet has been left wet for days by a untrustworthy carpet cleaner and it now smells like a wet dog. Both of these are due to the off gassing of bacteria. There is some serious stuff happening underneath the carpet and underlay and we can remedy this if acted upon sooner rather than later.
  • Death Scene Odour – With care, compassion and understanding, we have a solution to your odour problem.
  • Car Odours – Whether you are getting you car ready for sale or just need to remove those pungent cigarette odours, we can help eradicate all smells and increase you cars value.

We act on behalf of home owners, property managers, landlords, body corporates, building managers, real estate agents and alike to assess and determine a suitable cleaning and restoration solution to odour causing problems. We are confident to say that almost any odour is no problem for our expert odour removal technicians at Famous Cleaning. Give our friendly staff a call to discuss your needs and for an obligation free quote.

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