Sanitization and Disinfection

This service will have our trained cleaners disinfecting residential and commercial properties with hospital-grade disinfectants. All of our cleaners are currently using products that analyze and remove bacteria and viruses, as research shows that one of the most effective products in breaking down bacteria and viruses is soap and sanitizer. The sanitizer can break down the virus’s outer fatty layer makes it harder for viruses to survive on surfaces as well as makes it easier to wash away. Our cleaners will continue to use soap-based products and sanitizer as they normally would as well as the hospital- grade disinfectant for an extra level of protection.

Also, coronavirus disinfection is a service that has 99.99% to remove the germs from all surfaces. But have in mind that it can't protect the disease from spreading if you have sick people at home or office.

Now you can book professional antiviral sanitization/house sanitizing service for your property to reduce the risks of viral infection, such as COVID-19 / Coronavirus through surface disinfection.

It is perfectly safe for children and pets; The virucidal products used are non-toxic; It leaves a light floral smell and sense of cleanliness; It takes eliminates germs immediately; Coronavirus disinfection services to protect your home.


Is this treatment safe?

Yes, it is perfectly safe for domestic and commercial properties. It is pet- and children-safe as well.

Who carries out this treatment?

This service is provided by technicians and professionally trained cleaners.

Do I need to prepare the property in advance?

There are no special preparations necessary. Just please make sure that the technician will have unobstructed access to the areas that need to be sanitized.

Does this treatment require any special preparations?

Not really. Just make sure that when your cleaner arrives, they will have access to the areas and surfaces that need to be sanitized.

Is it necessary to vacate the property while the treatment takes place?

There are no toxic fumes to worry about and the treatment takes immediate effect. However, it would be best to keep some distance for about an hour after application of the solution.

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