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Tile stripping and sealing services Adelaide

If you are using those old tiles day in and day out then the floor will lose its lustre over the time. You may be even having fire glazed tiles which do not require maintenance, still, we will suggest you to get sealing applied on them. Vinyl floors & Tiles need regular maintenance so that they can maintain their lustre & look new. It doesn't matter if you wipe your floor each day, still, the colour of tiles will get dull as time passes. So it is the one time investment you have to do to make your tiles look the best version of themselves. So hire some professionals and get some tile stripping and sealing services for the good health of your tiles.

Why stripping and sealing should be handled by professional and well experienced staff?

The most common mistake that many sealing workers do is that they directly apply the sealing without taking out the old disintegrated layer which then cracks easily forming an uncoloured & milky patch on the flooring. So yes resealing of floors is necessary, but it should be done in the right way.

Another common mistake made by the sealing staff is that they apply the sealant which is not matching to the particular type of surface of the floor. For example - The sealant which is water and oil resistant seals the porous natural stone surface the best. While this kind of proper combination is used it maintains the colour of the stone & also makes it more durable. On the other hand, solvent based sealers are best for Vinyl floors which endure high traffic.

So to avoid such silly mistakes while applying sealing to your floor we recommend you to get your sealing applied by some expert who has years of experience doing this.

What type of floors do we seal?

We specialise in stripping and resealing marble, sandstone, terracotta, shale, granite, concrete, and vinyl floor surfaces. We have also applied expert restoration treatment techniques to ceramic, quarry, travertine, terrazzo, slate, quartzite tiles, and other materials.

Famous cleaning carries years of experience & sheer expertise in sealing both new floors & resealing the floors after the old sealing is taken off with professional equipment.


What our stripping & sealing service involves.

The process is pretty simple:

  1. Our experts come to your house, they carry a professional tool which they use for taking the sealing out.
  2. As soon as the old sealant is removed the new sealing is applied to the floor surface.
  3. Then the neutralizer comes into the picture which is used to neutralize or say remove the chemical residues present.
  4. The specialist will also clean the floor with water and allow it to dry for 30 minutes.
  5. Following that, depending on the type of floor, a suitable sealing solution is applied in two or three coats. There is a drying period for coatings.
  6. The floor is buffed with polishing equipment upon request.

This service may also be included as a vacate cleaning alternative, or you can order it from your housekeeper if you believe your floors need special attention.

It is important to note that newly installed natural stone, vinyl, and tile floors should be sealed immediately after installation to protect them from damage and contamination. Famous Cleaning is well known for its Tile stripping and Sealing services and this floor technicians will advise you on the best protective solution for your particular form of flooring. Furthermore, you should consult with them to see if your flooring will benefit from our honing and polishing services prior to sealing.

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What anti-slip sealant should I use?

Water-based and solvent-based sealing solutions can have anti-slip properties. So, it will depend on the type of floor you have and its location when deciding on the most suitable product. You are welcome to request the technician’s expert opinion on this during the preliminary viewing that we will organise for you prior to the service.

How long will it take for the floor to dry before it can be buffed?

About an hour is usually a sufficient time for the sealed floor to dry before it can be polished with a buffing machine.

How do you charge for the service?

The price quote is based on the size of the floor area that needs stipping and/or sealing. The precise measurements of the flooring will be confirmed on site by the hard floor restoration specialist.

Should I seal my porcelain tiles?

Porcelain tiles are hardy and generally stain-resistant. However, they can be sealed with an anti-slip solution especially if the tiles are installed in a wet room/bathroom.

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