Curtain Cleaning In Adelaide

Steam Curtain Cleaning in Adelaide from the Expertise and Seasoned Veterans

The curtains and draperies are often overlooked facets in your home. They can accumulate soil, allergens, dust, and odors and abode bacteria, viruses, and cobwebs. The filthy and unkempt curtains can deteriorate the aesthetics of your space and portray faded and shabby. Doing it, your self can turn out to be drab and hassle. Curtain Cleaning Services will revitalize curtains and bring back royalty into them. At Famous Cleaning, we invest time and effort in the journey of removing curtains from windows and re-hanging them clean and beautiful. Our professional services provide on-site drapery cleaning services with quality treatment solutions and products.

Our vetted experts provide on-site drapery cleaning services and eliminate the inconvenience of carrying it to dry cleaners. Curtain Cleaning Services restore the look and feel of any style curtains, from sheers to suede and linen to jacquard or anything else, we will clean effectively. Our high-end custom curtain cleaning includes a full line of industry top products and advanced techniques to clean intricate pieces and fine fabrics.

Highest Standard Quality Curtain Cleaning Services Adelaide

Your integral aesthetics components. It's not a denial that professional cleaners are better cleaners than simple washing at home. Professionals are acquainted with fabric, the latest cleaning techniques, and heavy-duty equipment built to endure cleaning every day and give top-notch results. Backed with years of experience and expertise, we at Famous Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning in Adelaide, will help you out with every need of curtain cleaning. All the products we use are efficient and safe and do not damage drapes. Our services will mark improvement in overall aesthetics and atmosphere inside your home.

Before injecting any solutions or implementing different techniques, we assess, examine, and pre-tested to determine which cleaning method is good for drapes. We would implement powerful and effective methods according to the type of fabric and results. If needed, the stain would be pre-treated with dirt and dust. Our certified and trained professionals work with all kinds of material and curtain types. They are insured and bonded, which means you are assured of receiving the highest-quality cleaning services possible. We can schedule same-day curtain cleaning in Adelaide, servicing at competitive pricing. Whether it's a home, office, or high-profiled business space, we provide you with highly efficient cleaning and guarantee there is no shrinkage of damage caused.

Our cleaning services decisions are based on your specific needs. Your curtains might require dry cleaning or steam cleaning. Our steam cleaning Adelaide is a hygienic and safer way of getting your valuable curtains cleaned. We integrate Avant-grade cleaning machines and safe and friendly liquids—no need for removing curtains, cleaning, and hanging them back. Our steam cleaning machine would clean every pleat and nook of the curtain so you can have fresh smell curtains. This approach is perfect for heavy, thick, and even delicate curtains.

Steam cleaning Adelaide does not require any soaking or pouring liquids, which minimizes the risk of color bleed and drying times.

At Famous cleaning, curtain cleaning Adelaide, we take the equal opportunity to serve everyone. No job is too small or big; our teams provide you with top-notch Steam cleaning in Adelaide. We closely monitor national, state, and local health and follow COVID protocols.

What stands us out for Curtain Cleaning Adelaide?

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Competitive pricing
  • No hidden costs involved
  • Tailor cleaning for each type of curtains
  • Non-shrinkage guarantee
  • Happier and healthier environment
  • Backed by industry experiences

We are just a call away; give your curtains a new look and regain the beauty of your home again.


Is curtain cleaning possible at home?

Curtains control dust and pollutants from entering our premises. But in the folds of these curtains, dwell most dangerous germs and bacteria. Thus cleaning at home will remove only surface dirt. The germs and bacteria won’t be removed by simple household cleaning.

Which types of diseases are caused due to untidy curtains?

The bacteria present in untidy curtains are responsible for respiratory diseases like bronchitis, lung failures, asthma, etc.

Does washing curtains make them clean?

Directly washing the curtains will only cause an accumulation of dirt. Without vacuum cleaning, they should not be washed.

How frequently should one hire professionals for cleaning curtain?

This depends only on how much dust and pollutants exposure your curtains are facing on a daily routine basis. Based on that, one should get the appointments fixed.

Does the fabric quality been compromised by using liquid detergents?

No, the fabric quality remains intact. Furthermore, to add on this note, the quality is maintained for a longer time and life of curtains is increased for more decades.


Size Price
Palmet $20 per Palmet
Blind $65 per Blind
Window $70 per Curtain
Glass Door $90 per Curtain
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NOTE : All prices are subject to change based on a visual inspection of the condition of the flooring, carried out by our trained technicians.