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Best Upholstery Cleaning Services in Adelaide

The bold style statement and pieces are not just soft sheen, rich and innate elegance, but these snugged, comfortable pieces are an imperative part of our homes. We all love reclining on couches, but it's not fun to be a couch potato on a dirty sofa. Over time spilled wine, crumbs, pet air, dirt, dandler, and oil from hands can accumulate on your couch and make it look dingy and filthy. No worries, Upholstery Cleaning in Adelaide can help you revitalize your Upholstery so you will be ready to binge-watch an entire season of your T.V. show.

Famous Cleaning has served Adelaide and nearby with Avant-grade, affordable upholstery cleaning services with years of experience. For Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide, we tackle steam cleaning or dry cleaning methods. We have vetted and trained professionals who have extensive knowledge to work on a range of fabrics, including cotton, leather, velvet, velour, Berber, brocades, polyester, and combinations without creating any damage to your dainty rugs.

Our Procedure of Upholstery Cleaning

#1. We extensively inspect and determine premature damage or problems that can be a hurdle in our cleaning process.

#2. We undergo a colorfastness test and assess any color bleed issues. This is done in an inconspicuous place, so it doesn't look dab, in case.

#3. Determine the appropriate cleaning method and spotting agents per your fabric fiber content - synthetic, natural fibers, blends, cotton, or others.

#4. In the process of Cleaning, from application and agitation to vacuuming and drying, we undertake the responsibility of getting the best results

#5. Post cleaning spotting agents for optimal results.

#6. Apply protector for longer Cleaning and protection against spills and stains.

Unique Fabric Couch, Leather Sofa Steam Cleaning

Leather Sofa Cleaning Services

The cozy, aesthetically pleasing furniture adds elegance to your antique and contemporary designs. Saddle soaps and off-the-shelf solutions are ineffective and might sabotage your Upholstery, leading to further damage. Steam Cleaning Services provides efficient and reliable cleaning and conditioning services. We treat spots and stains with industry-grade compounds and solutions that are safe and effective for your leather couches and chairs.

Steam cleaning is the most optimal method for cleaning Upholstery. Our powerful hot water extraction process ensures that your Upholstery rejuvenates and creates a healthier environment.

Oriental Rug Pet Stain Removal Services

Oriental rugs are extravagant pieces. They are fragmentary if you can't care for their delicate material and fibers, which can easily devastate. Vacuuming is not an optimal solution; it requires keen Cleaning without damaging its coloration and beauty. We are experts in cleaning oriental rugs with ideal cleaning methods, equipment, and solutions. With our optimal technique and the utmost care, we ensure that you get your rug original back to its luster and shine. Oriental rugs require special treatment, knowledge, and specialized chemicals. Our technicians are trained and equipped with Avant-grade chemicals and equipment to deliver top-notch Upholstery Cleaning services in Adelaide.

Eco-Friendly Rug Steam Cleaning Services

Not all Upholstery is designed for one-size-fits-all cleaning solutions. The toxic and strong chemicals can deteriorate carpets and incur risks to health too. At Famous Cleaning, our expert Carpet cleaners in Adelaide work with the safest environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and steam procedures. Our vetted and trained technicians would implement hot and soft water extractions per your carpet requirements. They will inject water and eco-friendly chemicals that can saturate within and give you up to 95% of Cleaning.

Benefits of Cleaning your Upholstery and fine textiles

Over the years, your Upholstery can endure a lot of stains, wear and tear and look dingy and moldy. There are several bacterias, allergens, and viruses absorbed in your Upholstery, leading to major health issues. Adelaide Upholstery Cleaning Services experts team ensure to bring your Upholstery back to its former glory and prolong its life, saving time and money.

  • Healthy and dust-free atmosphere
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Minimizes odors
  • Less damage to your furniture
  • Prolonged life of your assets

Why Choose Us for Upholstery Cleaning in Adelaide?

  • Safe on all types of Upholstery, including delicate and natural fibers too.
  • Restore appearance
  • Backed with years of experience
  • Safeguard protection from spills.
  • Certified and lab-tested products
  • Straightforward and best prices in town
  • No hidden charges
  • State-of-art Cleaning equipment
  • Residue-free cleaning products
  • Vetted, certified, and insured professionals
  • Unparalleled knowledge of materials and tailored approach

Upholstery Cleaning Before after

We Also Clean Leather Upholstery

Cleaning requirements vary for different materials and leather cleaning requires a different approach. It requires specialization and also a set of liquid solutions. Leather fabric is commonly used for couches and sofas and for their cleaning, a team of expert cleaners works.

Such adept and experienced cleaners at Famous Cleaning ensure that the leather lounge cleaning is incorporated satisfactorily.

Upholstery Cleaning Before after

At Famous Cleaning, we understand your budgetary and time constraints. We can schedule our services as per your flexibility and convenience. Get in touch with our professional, prompt, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals for chairs, sofas, pillows, mattresses, or other upholstery furniture. Call us and get quotes for free.

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Which type of upholstery cleaning you provide?

From L shape sofas to commercial couches, every type is covered by our experts. From cleaning to sanitizing all process are covered.

What if my Upholstery contains many stains?

Stains are part of Upholstery and carpets. We would assess the stains and perform pre-treatment if necessary. We can help you result in spotless Upholstery with industry-grade compounds and state-of-art machines. The stains can be treated and removed, but some stains are deeply saturated within that cannot be COMPLETELY eliminated.

Do you give cleaning service for leather fabric?

Mainly sofas and couches are made up of leather fabric. It requires special liquids and solutions to clean leather. Our professional team is quite efficient to cater to all your needs under this section.

How often should we get professionally cleaned Upholstery services?

Frequent Cleaning of Upholstery is imperative for a healthy and appealing environment. You should get your Upholstery cleaned once a year. If you have pets, kids in your house, the best way to maintain it is to hoover weekly. As the dust, stains, dirt settles on, Upholstery can become ingrained and reduce the extent of its life.

What are your charges? And how much time you take in cleaning?

Both money and time depend upon the amount of work we put in. The number of sofas doesn’t matter. How bad the stains and dirt accumulation is, that’s important.


Property Price
Dining Chair $40 $30
Sofa per Seat $50 $40
Arm Chair $59 $45
Leather Sofa $65 $50/Seat
Phone: +61 468 444 004
24×7 with Same Day Service

NOTE : All prices are subject to change based on a visual inspection of the condition of the flooring, carried out by our trained technicians.