Upholstery Cleaning In Adelaide

Upholstery Cleaning in Adelaide

Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Adelaide - Couches, lounge suites, sofas, armchairs, and other upholstered domestic furniture witnesses a lot of daily usages, especially when kids and pets are around. Dust, food crumbs, spills and blemishes can’t be avoided irrespective of the commercial or domestic setup. Apart from this, there is more dirt that is not visible to naked eyes. Dead skin cells, body oils, bacteria, and other contaminants do get accumulated on the upholstery. These bacteria and germs and can only be removed with a thorough professional cleaning.

Upholstery cleaning in Adelaide provided by Famous cleanings is the best you can get. Our professional cleaners use the powerful hot water extraction system to clean the upholstery. It reaches the roots of the upholstery to destroy and eliminating dirt, stains and bacteria. Our specialized cleaners also use Steam cleaning method which is known to be one of the best solutions to disinfect, clean and deodorize fabrics. The steam cleaning method leaves the upholstery almost dry and extends its life too. Our team is equipped with the latest selection of safe and non-toxic and eco-friendly solutions based on fabric. Each solution is carefully selected to revive the true color of your furniture and gives them a look of a new brought one.

Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide cleans using eco-friendly safe cleaning items and most recent cleaning innovation to convey great cleaning results, without harming the upholstery and won't abandon compound buildups after the upholstery cleaning treatment. The chemically synthetically safe Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide is therefore safe for most fabric or leather used on upholstery sets and will not cause damage. Famous Cleaning upholstery cleaning service has been tried and endorsed by many driving upholstery makers and retailers in Adelaide that produce and sell top-quality upholstery collections

Professional Upholstery Cleaners Adelaide

Famous cleaning is serving both commercial and resendential spaces. When you choose Famous Cleaning - One of the leading Cleaning Services Provider in Adelaide, be assured that your upholstery lies in good hands. Our gentle carbonating-cleaning process sees millions of tiny effervescent bubbles literally explode dirt from your upholstery fabrics, lifting them to the surface where they are thoroughly extracted. We often get appreciation as one of the best Upholstery Cleaning Service as our depth-oriented methods eliminate all dirt specks and disease-causing organisms that may be attached on the furniture. We have witnessed that customers induced by the bait of low cost but poor services. A superficial cleaning can convince you the job remains incomplete. Famous Cleaning always advice its customers to not fall in such traps. No matter how tidy it may appear but pets and kids do carry dirt & germs from outside.

Process of Upholstery Cleaning

  • First we clean leather and fabric followed by removal of dust and germs using a vacuum.
  • Then they go for the stain removal process.
  • Then dust mites are removed from the upholstery at the microscopic level.
  • Freshen up the couches by spraying deodorants.
  • Couch protection is ensured using scotch-guard.
  • After crap cleaning, the couch is dry cleaned and is as ready as new.

Higlights of Upholstery Cleaning Service

  • Rapid dry times. Ready to use in as little as 3-4 hours
  • Non Toxic solutions: 100% Safe for children and pets
  • Saves Your Money – no dirt-attracting residues which can prematurely re-soil your upholstery
  • Great for auto upholstery, boat interiors, office dividers, furniture and any upholstered item

Upholstery Cleaning Before after

Benefits of cleaning your upholstery and fine textiles:

  • Removes Unsavory Odours
  • Eliminates Spills
  • Helps Your Furniture Last Longer
  • Reduces Allergens
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality

We Also Clean Leather Upholstery

Cleaning requirements vary for different materials and leather cleaning requires a different approach. It requires specialization and also a set of liquid solutions. Leather fabric is commonly used for couches and sofas and for their cleaning, a team of expert cleaners works.

Such adept and experienced cleaners at Famous Cleaning ensure that the leather lounge cleaning is incorporated satisfactorily.

Upholstery Cleaning Before after

What We Do

  • A pre-inspection of your leather sofa
  • Pre-vacuum under cushions & seats.
  • Hand wash using a high quality leather cleaning chemical agitating the chemical to remove the build up of dirt & grime.
  • We use our Micro-Orbot Twin Brush to remove any further soiling, this process is where you see the major difference.
  • Wipe down with a special micro fibre cloth.
  • Apply a high quality leather conditioner all over the sofa, allow to dry for one hour before re using it.
  • The lounge will look clean and have a soft leather feel again to it.

Your search for a good and professionally managed leather cleaner Adelaide ends at Famous Cleaning. This agency has long term exposure to leather cleaning and that’s why, you can rest assure about the quality of their work and expertise. Contact us today

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Which type of upholstery cleaning you provide?

From L shape sofas to commercial couches, every type is covered by our experts. From cleaning to sanitizing all process are covered.

Why is upholstery cleaning necessary?

Sofas and couches are the heart of your living area. You definitely don’t want them to be dusty and full of germs. Thus timely cleaning by professional heads is a must.

Do you give cleaning service for leather fabric?

Mainly sofas and couches are made up of leather fabric. It requires special liquids and solutions to clean leather. Our professional team is quite efficient to cater to all your needs under this section.

Can your team provide cleaning service by using our cleaning products?

I am sorry to inform but we are a team of skilled workers who make their own solvents and use them in definite proportion. To use home liquids is against our policy.

What are your charges? And how much time you take in cleaning?

Both money and time depend upon the amount of work we put in. The number of sofas doesn’t matter. How bad the stains and dirt accumulation is, that’s important.


Property Price
Dining Chair $40 $30
Sofa per Seat $50 $40
Arm Chair $59 $45
Leather Sofa $65 $50/Seat
Phone: +61 468 444 004
24×7 with Same Day Service

NOTE : All prices are subject to change based on a visual inspection of the condition of the flooring, carried out by our trained technicians.