How to get urine out of a couch?

How to get urine out of a couch?

6 February, 2023   |   Famous Cleaning

Urine stains are undeniably the most unpleasant and they never seem to come at convenient times. Whether it's a "surprise" from your beloved pup, your cat declaring its territory, or even an accident by your little one - maintaining the couch free of urine can be quite demanding.

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but proper care and maintenance of your pieces can extend their lifespan significantly. Consequently, it is critical to find the best possible treatment option as this can save you valuable time, effort, and resources.

Why is urine so tough to clean?

It's difficult to choose which is more unbearable, the liquid’s stickiness or its odour – but one thing we can all agree on is that eliminating urine stains can be a hassle.

Urine might be composed mostly of water, with percentages ranging from 91-96%, yet there are likewise various distinct components that make up its special attributes. Depending on whether it is human or animal origin, the amount of these elements varies accordingly.

Uric acid is always present in urine and presents a real challenge when attempting to cleanse upholstery of any kind.  Unlike other components which become diluted in water, uric acid takes the form of colorless crystals that are difficult to remove from fabric and gradually alter their hue over time.

Learn how to quickly and effectively remove urine stains from your fabric couch

To effectively remove urine from the couch, selecting an appropriate treatment is key to achieving success.

Trying to find the right cleaner for urine stains can be overwhelming - especially when there are many commercial products on the market claiming they are "the best". However, creating your own homemade cleaning solution is an excellent eco-friendly and cost effective alternative that will not only benefit the environment but also keep your family's and pet's health in check.

Hire professional couch cleaning in Adelaide

If you’re still not sure how to get urine out of the couch, then a professional cleaning service is your best option. At Famous Cleaning Services, we can take care of all your upholstery needs with our comprehensive couch cleaning service in Adelaide.

Enzyme cleaner

This product is able to quickly eliminate urine odours with a chemical reaction, leaving your home fresh and free of smelly surprises. Not only is it a great solution for difficult urine stains, but it can also be highly effective at eliminating greasy marks as well. Not only is this product safe to use for cleaning your couch, but it can also successfully remove dog and cat urine from fabrics of all varieties.


Looking for an effortless and effective way to remove the odor of pet urine from your beloved sofa? Try this! When you are stuck attempting to clean stains off of your delicate velour, velvet, microfiber or suede couches, this method - which requires no water - can be a lifesaver. As a result of the particular material composition, you may discover that solvent treatment is your only option when it comes to labeling.

Vinegar and dishwashing liquid

When it comes to cleanliness which is both eco-friendly and effective, white vinegar stands out as the premier choice.

If you're looking for a reliable all-purpose cleaner, look no further! This popular solution is perfect for tackling tough spots such as carpet stains, curtain smudges, window grime, and even jewellery tarnish. Because of its acid-based formula, this product can eliminate any trace of urine from your couch, making it appear and smell better than before!

Although it is preferable to only treat dry old stains, if you are working on a fresh stain, treating the area could lead to an intense urine smell and make cleaning more difficult.

How to get urine out of your leather couch

Thanks to its superior durability and water resistance, leather furniture may prove less intimidating when faced with the threat of urine accidents. Despite its dependability, this material still remains vulnerable to staining. Additionally, eliminating urine odor from a leather couch is far from an easy task. This is particularly true for white leather, as discoloration could be an undesired outcome.

Don't underestimate the issue and don't procrastinate when it comes to taking action. If you're looking for an alternative to professional cleaning, there are plenty of DIY solutions that may be just as effective. If you're feeling adventurous, try the vinegar and dishwashing liquid recipe without borax for a unique clean.

Regulate the quantity of water you use during cleaning to maintain control. Once the stain has been blotted and treated with a cleaning solution, absorb any excess liquid; only minimal moisture should be left for easy air drying. If a cushion is stained with dried urine, be sure to not only treat the cover but also launder the filling. It may take several repeat cycles of this process to fully remove the stain!