How to remove pet Urine Stains from Couch

How to remove pet Urine Stains from Couch

23 June, 2021   |  

Urine stains are the worst because you never know when you're going to get one. Keeping the sofa clean of urine may be a real struggle, whether it's due to your favorite dog leaving a "pleasant surprise," your cat marking its territory, or your kid having an accident. It's not only about looks; it's also about extending the life of the object. Finding the correct therapy is critical, since it may save you a lot of time, effort, and money in the long run.

Why is urine stain so tough to clean?

It's difficult to say whether the liquid's tenacity or the odor is worse, but we can all agree that cleaning urine stains is a misery. Despite the fact that urine is primarily water (91-96 percent), there are a number of additional components that contribute to its unique characteristics, the amount of which varies depending on whether it is human or animal pee.

Uric acid is present in all types of urine and is the primary reason that cleaning pee from upholstery is so difficult. While other components can be dissolved in water, uric acid transforms into invisible crystals that are not only difficult to remove from fabric but also react with it, altering its color over time.

Treatment to remove Urine Stain

Step 1 - Remove the problematic cushion from the rest of the couch (if possible).

Step 2 - If the stain is fresh, blot it as much as possible using a paper towel or old rag. Some study shows that the dirty towels are positive reinforcement for your pet.

Step 3 - Before starting, you should always check every cleaning product in a secret area of your sofa fabric.

Step 4 - Mix vinegar and water in a sprinkling bottle with 1:3 parts and sprinkle onto the discoloration generously. Before letting dry, scrub gently. Note that the vinegar/water solution needs to be re-wetted with the dried stem. Due to its disinfectant characteristics, Vinegar works effectively during this stage.

Step 5 - Sprinkle Bi-Carb Soda on the stain after it has dried to help eliminate odors. Before vacuuming, you should leave the Bi-Carb on for a few hours.

This will remove most of the discoloration and alleviate the odor. It will not, however, remove all of the discoloration, which is why an enzymatic cleaning is required.

Famous cleaning

If you need a little more help getting rid of them, Contact Famous Cleaning's well-trained and well-equipped crew. You'd probably prefer to leave it to an expert to avoid potentially harming the furniture or to have peace of mind that the stain or odor won't return. If you have especially fragile fabric or a tenacious stain and odour, a professional clean is a wonderful alternative. A skilled expert will adapt the cleaning and stain removal procedure to your fabric type.

  • If necessary, we will conduct a color test on your fabric to confirm that the treatment does not cause the fabric's color to run.
  • Using sophisticated technology, we can detect moisture in your couch and determine where to focus the spot treatment.
  • We'll pre-vacuum your sofa with industrial-strength equipment to guarantee that all trash is gone.
  • To treat the uric salts, we shall inject a solution into the afflicted area of the sofa.
  • A trained technician will administer a pre-spray solution with antibacterial and sanitizing characteristics.
  • We use a specialized upholstery cleaning spray that contains Healthguard, a powerful sanitizer that kills odor-causing bacteria, germs, and fungi.