What is Covid Cleaning?

What is Covid Cleaning?

21 January, 2022   |   Famous Cleaning

With the current outbreak of COVID-19 and variants, frequent Cleaning and disinfecting of your home/commercials is essential to keep your family safe and viruses at bay. Along with person-to-person transmission, surfaces are perilous and hazardous to spread the transmissions. Even if we do not leave the house, there is a possibility of exposure to viruses. CDC recommends Cleaning and disinfecting at regular intervals to ward off illness and spread of disease.

Covid Cleaning is procedures and protocols integrated to effectively combat the spread of harmful pathogens with top-grade solutions and the latest equipment. Beyond aesthetic appeal, Cleaning reduces the spread of illness, fosters productivity and increases safety, which overall impacts the company bottom line.

When returning to work regimen, businesses must implement Covid cleaning services and measures before reopening. No two operations are the same; that's why at Famous Cleaning, we understand your unique facility processes and needs to offer you an appropriate level of disinfection and protection in your spaces.

Factors to note while going for covid cleaning services.

  • Seek an expert help

Whether your company is a hybrid model or traditional commercial buildings, clinics or schools, professional Cleaning helps to promote healthy environments and buildings sparkling clean. When you hire Famous Cleaning services for professional Covid Cleaning services, you collaborate with highly experienced cleaners trained to deliver the highest standard cleaning services.

  • Standard procedures and protocols

Following a daily and recurring Cleaning regimen, you would be able to evacuate viruses from your premises. Though following daily Covid Cleaning is imperative every now and then, opting for a professional is a must to get an in-depth cleaning regimen.

Whether someone has tested positive in your workspaces, residentials, or you require hospital-grade Covid cleaning services, it is important to get a professional who can banish viruses from every touchpoint and ensure pristine clean surfaces.

  • Cleaning, disinfection and sanitization

Cleaning, disinfection and sanitization do not fall under the same umbrella term. They are all opposite from each other. Cleaning requires dusting, brooming, vacuuming from the surfaces. In contrast, disinfection involves cessation of germs, where the cleaning routine goes up the surface and evacuates lurking viruses or dirt underneath. Sanitization is masking up with a protective layer to clean premises to sustain longer cleaned premises before germs plunge again.

We recently have Omicron disinfection services as the strain is found more contagious than previous variants.

  • Keep your supply and equipment updated.

Keeping equipment and solutions handy is one of the integral practices to keep the cleaning process in the loop. But keeping advanced solutions and equipment with you could cost surging practices. When you hire professionals for disinfection cleaning, you dont need to stress out looking for the best market equipment and solutions.

As a professional Covid Cleaning company, we are backed with state-of-art equipment like an electrostatic sprayer to instantly kill harmful bacteria and viruses. We dont clean and sanitize; we take accountability for every task done and our commitment to deliver top-notch services to protect the community.

  • Background check

Pre-employment background checks avoid the risk of theft, fraud or any impertinent actions. Our cleaners are our assets. We ensure all the cleaners undergo stringent processes and police verification to ensure you get safe services from start to finish.

At Famous Cleaning, we undertake Covid Cleaning meticulously and paramount. We offer tailored solutions that are cost-effective and reliable. Contact us whether your goal is to get sanitation or disinfection to minimize the disruption.