Why Steam Carpet Cleaning is better than Using a Standard Vacuum Cleaner?

Why Steam Carpet Cleaning is better than Using a Standard Vacuum Cleaner?

10 February, 2021   |  

Since their invention, carpets have been a necessary part of the décor. They add charm to the living room and make it stylish.

Having said it, you should not forget that the carpet attracts enormous amounts of dirt, dust, and allergens. Hence, it is mandatory to perform carpet cleaning frequently.

If it is not done, then you keep your health at risk.

The vacuum cleaner is a popular choice for carpet cleaning because people feel that they clean carpets without spreading the dust or dirt in the environment.

Yes, it is true up to a great extent, but it does not mean that vacuum cleaners clean them fully.

To keep your carpet 100% clean and fresh, you need something more superior and better than a vacuum cleaner. What about steam carpet cleaning? Yes, it is indeed a much-improved cleaning method.

If you want international-quality steam cleaning, then pick your phone and give a call to Famous Cleaning. Tell your needs and preferences and the team will arrive at your place with all necessary tools and equipment.

What you get is fresh, clean carpets that shine as if you bought them today!

What makes steam cleaning superior?

Dirty carpets not only harm your reputation, but they also become a threat to your health. Dust and allergens hidden in the deeper layers remain there after performing vacuum cleaning.

These particles go away only when you perform steam carpet cleaning. The top benefits of it are listed below.

You get rid of pollutants

Steam carpet cleaning cleans away a wide variety of pollutants.

Pet dander, dead bugs, cockroach allergens are quite common in every household. It is possible to bring foreign particles, lead particles, and many other harmful things from outside.

Steam cleaning assures proper cleaning and maintenance, which is a critical component of flooring. By removing all harmful elements, you protect and enhance indoor air quality.

No more dust mites

Microscopic dust mites are present everywhere. Carpets are their beloved thriving places because the carpets are warm and moist. These mites feed on pollen, fungi, animal dander, and flakes of human skin. All these things are plentily available in dirty carpets.

Steam cleaning is effective because it reaches up to the innermost layers of a carpet. Since the carpet is clean up to the deepest corner, there is no possibility of developing dust mites.

This level of cleaning is not possible using a vacuum cleaner.

It extends the life of the carpet

Molds, fungi, and dust are harmful to the life of the carpet. They cause higher wear out. The carpet loses its beauty, freshness, and luster.


Carpets are prone to get dirty. You cannot avoid that, but you can surely do something to make it clean and fresh. You should perform steam cleaning, which is a far more superior cleaning method than vacuum cleaning. Famous Cleaning is more than happy to give you world-class steam cleaning services so that you have the cleanest carpets in the neighborhood.

Call the expert cleaning crew at Famous Cleaning. You will be surprised to see their level of perfection and sincerity.